Birthday Party

Magic Show

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Magic Mel- Female Magician in the Greater Toronto Area
BenTastic- Offering Magic Shows in the Greater Toronto Area

About The Show

The Birthday Party Magic Show is fast-paced, highly interactive and a whole lot of fun for anyone watching.


In these unique times, Magic Mel and BenTastic have modified their shows to maintain Social distancing throughout the show.  All magic will be done from a safe distance.

You can even have the Birthday Child defy gravity by levitating in the comfort of your living room (or party venue.)  

Our Three Birthday packages can also be performed virtually

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An interactive online experience in the comfort of your own home! All three birthday packages can be performed virtually!


Add Ons

  • Levitate the Birthday Child!
  • Interactive Magic Workshop
  • Magic Loot Bags

Levitation Add On

Loot Bag Add On

BenTastic- Magician in the Toronto Area

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