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Magic Tutorials

Easy Magic Tricks you can perform with things you have around the house!

 Disappearing Crayons

 Multiplying Coins 

Magical Switching Elastic Bands

Jumping Elastic Bands ( with ONE band)

Jumping Elastic Bands ( with TWO bands)

Magic Mel & BenTastic Magic

We hope you enjoyed the magic show, please use the following videos  to learn the magic tricks you may have recieved from your Magician!

Confusing Colors

Appearing Flower Trick

Colour Changing Silks

Wiggly Worm

Magic Wand- Rising Wand 

Magic Wand- Jumping Wand 

Magic Wand- Jump Back

Ball and Vase Trick

Rope Cutting Trick

Sponge Ball/Square

Colour Blocks

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