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Magic Tutorials

Easy Magic Tricks you can perform with things you have around the house!

 Disappearing Crayons

 Multiplying Coins 

Magical Switching Elastic Bands

Jumping Elastic Bands ( with ONE band)

Jumping Elastic Bands ( with TWO bands)

Card Magic

Appearing Paper Clip

Magic Mel & BenTastic Magic

We hope you enjoyed the magic show, please use the following videos  to learn the magic tricks you may have recieved from your Magician!

Magic Wand- Rising Wand 

Appearing Flower Trick

Rope to silk 

Sponge Rabbits

Wiggly Worm

Confusing Colors

Magic Wand- Jump Back

Ball and Vase Trick

Rope Cutting Trick

Sponge Ball/Square

Colour Blocks

Colour Changing Silks

Colouring Book 

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