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Levitate the birthday child 

 Thank you for your interest the levitation illusion ( where I float/levitate the birthday child).

Please note, your child WILL NOT FLY, your child will float/ levitate.  

In order for me to perform this, there are a few requirements. If you could please read through the requirements below  :




  •  A Flat and Level performing surface ( reminder- many driveways and pavements are not both flat and level. Please check you have a space that is flat and level for the performing area) As this will be the grand finale, If needed, we can move to a different area of your house/venue/backyard for this trick, if it works better for your space. 

  • Your child needs to be able to follow simple directions ( ex: stand here, turn this way, keep your eyes closed, put your head all the way back, stay in that position) This illusion takes place at the very end of the show, if your child has been unable to listen and follow directions throughout the show, then I will not be able to perform this illusion. (for the safety of your child) 

  • For younger children, I may need an adult to come and assist with the illusion.  The adult would be there to make sure the child stays in the correct position- on his/her back with his/her neck all the way back.

  • The child’s weight must not exceed 100 pounds. 

  •  I suggest that you do not tell the child that they are going to get to “float”, because if any of the above is not possible, then I would not be able to perform the illusion.  (I would not want your child to be disappointed if it cannot happen) 

  • Although I make every effort to positively encourage your child to participate, on the odd occasion, I do get a birthday child who is scared or does not want to do the illusion. If this happens, I would switch to another child to volunteer. If this happens, your child will STILL be the star of the show ,  I will make it seem as though your child is the one who actually DID THE MAGIC and made that volunteer float. The special attention and applause would still be directed to the birthday child.

  • There are 3 quite large parts to bring in for this illusion. (2 chairs and a large wooden board) , If it’s possible to have someone help me load and unload this from my car that would be fantastic.  

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