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  • Can I feed the children snacks or food during the show? Why is this a bad idea?
    We ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the show. Reason 1- When children eat, they look down at their food, this means they are distracted and miss vital parts of the show - they even miss seeing the magic happen ( magic can be very quick and flashy and easy to miss if you are not watching). From many years of performing shows, we notice that if kids eat during the show, they do not pay close enough attention to whats going on. When this happens, they don't react as well to the magic, they don't stay as engaged and overall - we find they don't enjoy the show as much. Reason 2- When kids eat, they get food on their hands. If kids are eating and have food on their hands, they cannot come up to help the magician or handle the magician's props ( grease and food debris damages our props). Ben and Mel can very easily do a show without volunteers, and can change the show on the fly to a show without volunteers if food is being served, but the show is more fun and entertaining when kids DO get to come up and help- kids absolutely LOVE helping in the show! We want to provide you with the best show possible and for these reasons above, we ask that you do not feed children snacks or meals during the show.
  • Can we delay the show's start time if my guests are late?
    Your magician will arrive early to make sure he/she can set up and start the show on time. It is very important that you allow your guests more than enough time to arrive, or eat if you are having a meal before the show. In fairness to other bookings, (and to the magician’s time), delaying a show's start is not an option. We recommend inviting your guests AT LEAST 30 minutes before the show is due to start (more if your guests generally run late.) It is very distracting to the audience if people are arriving while the show is taking place - so please plan plenty of time for yours guests to arrive. Please ask us before booking if you would like a to book a show with a flexible start time. This option does cost significantly more, as we hold a larger time slot for your event, but this will give you more flexibility with the start time on the day.
  • What if I need to cancel the show?
    Cancellations are VERY tricky in the event industry, much like with weddings. A cancellation on your end, depending on how much notice you give, will put us out of work. Performing Magic is our full time job, and in an industry where Saturday/Sunday makes up the majority of our income, this can become a major problem. Time slots are what we are selling in the event industry, and you cannot get that time (or income) back, once it has passed. Your retainer and pre payment secures one date/time on our calendar, this is non refundable and non transferrable.
  • Can you perform your show outside?
    We first want to mention, an indoor performance is always the best option for magic shows, we strongly recommend this (for many reasons). If outdoors is still your preferred option, we can accommodate this, as long as the weather is nice, but please note, we do not offer any rain check dates, show reschedules or timing delays. Here are the requirements for outdoor shows: 

 - Please plan EITHER an indoor space OR a waterproof covered outdoor space for the Magic Show, to ensure your performer’s equipment does not get damaged in case of rain). - Having an indoor location planned as a backup is strongly recommended, in case of dangerous weather (lighting/thunder, poor air quality etc. ), as full payment is due at the time of booking and is non refundable. 
 - No direct sunlight = a better show !! Choosing a performance location that will also offer shade for the performer and audience is very important. It is also important to think about where the sun will be in the sky at the time of the show, so that neither the audience nor the entertainer will be looking directly into the sun.
  • How do you need us to prepare for a birthday party magic show?
    The set up you prepare is a huge and important part of having a great show. We provide you with all you need to know and how you need set up your space, in order to have the best show possible. Please see current set up and show preparation requirements here:
  • Can I video record or live stream the show?
    When booking Magic Mel or BenTastic, you are entitled to a live performance of the magic act only. Magic Mel and BenTastic do not provide publishing rights, copyright to the act or online posting rights to the magic show. Recording short snippets of the show IS allowed for private events ( birthdays), but I would kindly ask that if you do record parts of show, that you use it for personal memories only, and that you do not post the full routines online. Posting small snippets of the show on social media is absolutely fine. Please tag us if you do! :-) Please do not post any of Mel /Ben's show on youtube.
  • Will adults enjoy the magic show as well? ( for my child's birthday party)
    We find that adults often enjoy the magic show just as much as the kids do! We love it when adults watch the show with their kids, however there is nothing more distracting than adults having loud conversations in the same room or the next room over. If some adults choose not to watch the show then that is fine, but please try and plan for enough space between the show and the room where the adults are gathering so the children can get the most out of the magic show. Your magician does require at least one adult to be present during the show.
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