Party Requirements and FAQ

It is important for me to deliver my best possible show for you and in order to do that I need your cooperation with a few details.  Please read the following:



VERY IMPORTANT- Rain and Outdoor Parties during Covid-19


I am happy to perform outside, however you must have a plan in place as a backup in case of rain. Please note, I am unable to accept bookings that depend fully on the weather cooperating. (Example: a party taking place in a park with no alternate plan in place for bad weather , such as a waterproof tent or an indoor venue as a backup.)


My show cannot take place even in light rain conditions. If it is scheduled to rain, you can go for one of the 3 options below 


  1. We can move the show indoors 

  2. You can provide a fully waterproof tent/cover. As long as the magician’s case + supplies are not getting wet the show can go ahead.

  3. If the above two options are not available, and it starts to rain, we would halt the show and do the rest of the show virtually ( at the earliest available time) The full balance would still be due.



Timing is Everything!

I will arrive early to make sure I can set up and start my show on time. It is very important that you allow your guests more than enough time to arrive, or eat if you are having a meal before the show. In fairness to other bookings delaying a show's start is often not an option.

Space and Requirements for the Magic Show

I do not need too much space and I will bring everything I require for the show including a small table/magic case. A space of 2 meters by 2 meters square space is enough for the “performance space”, but I can work with a bit less if needed. 


It is best if my back is to a wall, and there should be enough room for all of the children and guests to sit comfortably on the floor in front of me. Please try your best to ensure there is no reflective surface in the area directly behind me ( TV, mirror, reflective doors /windows). Also, please do not plan to have people sitting or standing behind me during the performance.


It usually works best if the children sit on the floor in front, this way everyone can see well. It is also best to have the show in an area that is away from toys and away from other entertainment/distractions. If there are toys in the room, toys and other activities should be put away and not accessible to the children during the show.  Bouncy Castles should always be deflated during the show. 


As parties are currently taking place outdoors- Please also think about sun- making sure the audience and performer are not in direct sunlight (and that they do not have sun in their eyes) will make for a much better show.





I will require parking on the day.  If possible, a spot close to the entrance is ideal, however if this is not possible, please be sure let me know if there are any additional parking instructions I need to know. 


Parents Who Watch the Magic Show

I find that adults often enjoy my kid's show just as much as the kids do! I personally love it when adults watch the show with their kids, however there is nothing more distracting than adults having loud conversations in the same room or the next room over. If some adults choose not to watch the show then that is fine, but please try and plan for enough space between the show and the room where the adults are gathering so the children can get the most out of the magic show. I do require at least one adult to be present during the show. 

Feeding the Children During the Show

For many reasons I ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the show. 



Once you pay my retainer fee of $100 and fill out my booking form, I add your booking on my calendar for you. This means I do not take other bookings for the time and date you booked for.  If you booked with me (by filling out my booking form and paying the $100 retainer fee) and then did have to reschedule a magic show, due to an emergency ( including a covid diagnosis or a covid close contact ) , that would not be a problem.   As mentioned above, I have not booked anything else for your time and date, but I completely understand the need to be flexible right now. 

This retainer payment is non-refundable, however in case of emergency,  the retainer payment  can be transferred to another date/time that I am available within 6 months of your original booking date.  If you choose not to reschedule,  I would keep your retainer payment.  Please know, if for any reason I cannot come to your event  OR if there is another  provincial lockdown where social gatherings are not permitted, I would refund your retainer payment. 



Thanks again for booking me. If you have any further questions please ask.



I look forward to making your event AMAZING!