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Party Requirements
& Terms of Service 

It is important for us to deliver our best possible show for you and in order to do that, we need your cooperation with a few details.  Please read the following:


Retainer Payment

Your retainer payment, and advance payments are non refundable and non transferable . This is due to the fact that we turn down work  (other shows) for your booked time slot. 

Indoor Space


Please note, Magic Mel and BenTastic cannot perform outdoors at birthday parties. You must have an indoor space available for the show. 


Timing is Everything!

In fairness to other bookings, delaying your booked start time will not be possible. 

Please remember to invite your guests AT LEAST 30 minutes before the booked start time. (More if your guests often run late) 

Space Setup Requirements 


Your magician does not need too much space and will bring everything required for the show, including a small table/magic case. 


  • A space of 2 meters by 2 meters square space is enough for the “performance space”, but your magician  can work with a bit less if needed.  It is best if your magician's back is to a wall, and there should be enough room for all of the children and guests to sit comfortably on the floor in front of your magician. 


  • Please try your best to ensure there is no reflective surface in the area directly behind ( TV, mirror, reflective doors /windows). 


  • Please do not plan to have people sitting/standing behind OR beside the magician during the performance. The intended view of the show is to have the audience directly in front of the performer.  


  • It usually works best if the children sit on the floor in front, this way everyone can see well. 


  • It is best to have the show in an area that is FAR AWAY from any toys, play structures, other entertainment/distractions. Bouncy castles should be turned off and not accessible during the show. 


  • Play structures and trampolines should not be accessible to the children during the show. Bouncy castles should be turned off and not accessible during the show. Toys and other activities should be put away and not accessible to the children during the show.


Your magician will require close by parking on the day. If possible, a spot close to the entrance is ideal.  Please be sure let us know in advance if there are any additional parking instructions we need to know.  You are responsible for ensuring there is a nearby spot available for your performer to park. If your area has difficult to find parking, we recommend saving a parking spot for your performer or organizing a parking pass (or parking your car in a spot and then moving your car once the performer arrives).  Parking spot delays on your end may result in a delayed start time and as a result, a shorter show. The Full payment would still be due. 


Parents Who Watch the Magic Show

We find that adults often enjoy the magic show just as much as the kids do! We love it when adults watch the show with their kids, however there is nothing more distracting than adults having loud conversations in the same room or the next room over. If some adults choose not to watch the show then that is fine, but please try and plan for enough space between the show and the room where the adults are gathering so the children can get the most out of the magic show. We require one adult to be present during the show. 

Feeding the Children During the Show

For many reasons we ask that you please do not feed children snacks or a meal during the show. 

Please the following link for more details about why this is extremely important:



Recording the show


When booking Magic Mel or BenTastic, you are entitled to a live performance of the magic act only.  Magic Mel and BenTastic do not provide publishing rights, copyright to the act or online posting rights to the magic show. Recording short snippets of the show IS allowed for private events ( birthdays), but I would kindly ask that if you do record parts of show, that you use it for personal memories only, and that you do not post the full routines online. Posting small snippets of the show on social media is absolutely fine. Please tag us if you do! :-) Please do not post any of Mel /Ben's show on youtube. 



Snowstorm Add on 

If you have chosen to book the Amazing Snowstorm add on ($95)- Please know this magical finale does leave quite a bit of a confetti mess ( Small light weight white confetti). You can easily clean it up with a vacuum, but please know,  Magic Mel does not have a vacuum with her and this will be something you will need to clean up after the show/party. Please let Magic Mel know in advance if this is a problem and you would like to remove this “add on” from your booking. 



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